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A split rock linked by a wire is the application of one single principle : to break up and to cross through fragments with a thread, which guides their repositioning into their initial places. This action, totally legible and comprehensive when applied only a small number of times, becomes the image of the chaos when repeated on and on. This phenomenon is only the anticipation of a natural fate which, from one break to an other break, ends in dust. Here time is distorted by the tool that has accelerated the crumbling, and by the wire, that slows down the scattering : it is the very moment of the death of the pebble as an entity which is submitted to our gaze. At the same time this rigid monolith becomes a structures that can be shaped into a myriad of possibilities, while keeping the memory of an anterior state which as definitively disappeared, but the image of which, for lake of proprieties, remains contain in this unstable shape.
This experiment in fragmentation is an attempt to accept the complexities which are beyond us but which have their own internal logic ; it disorder also means admitting trauma and disorder as factors of liberation and evolution. These disturbed rocks are simultaneously the image of the ascendancy matter and time have upon us, and the hold we exercise on our environment. Transposed to a humanised place and isolated from the masses of their kinds, they claim the look one gives at a unique, fragile, irreplaceable being which carries a history that cannot be reproduced. They are the ambassadors and the memory of the wild nature that produced them, and witnesses of our connections with the latter.
Clash of the human with the universe that produced it, this work enables the exploration of the constraints we must accept both to suffer and exercise. By trying to make them harmonious, is it possible to proceed towards an acceptation of our human condition and of the limits to our autonomy which is imposed by our adherence to the universe and is matter ?

J P Forest in the catalog of the exhibition " L'impossible couture du temps " - Musée de Tahiti et des Îles - 2002